The Silence of Letters in the English Language and How to Pronounce Them

English is one of the sliest languages out there, especially when it comes to writing. The words that we speak in English are often spelled drastically different than they are said. Moreover, there

Why is Scratch the Best Platform to Get Kids Started with Computer Programming

Scratch is one of the most popular platforms to get kids started on coding. It is used in a wide range of online and offline courses due to its easy to understand interface and interactable features

iCode Gamified Learning Experience

We are officially living through a technological era where most of what we learn and apply is directly or indirectly connected to some form of computer. As Gen Alpha precedes Gen Z, we are bound to se

Examination Pattern of UPSC

Exam pattern of UPSC consists of 3 stages; preliminary, mains and personality test.IAS Exam 2020 Exam Pattern- Check UPSC Exam Pattern for IAS Exam 2020. Know more about UPSC Prelims & Mains

IAS Coaching Institute In Delhi

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Learn Best CCNA Course in Noida

Learn Best CCNA Course in Noida | 100% Job Assistane Gurantee We at Everyshine Career help you to Boost your Career with the Best Cisco CCNA Training with Internship in Noida.Evershine Career is one o

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Delhi is India's one of the busiest cities, but the best part is that there are lots of top-notch institutes here for DevOps training. Wondering which Institute is best for you, Don't worr

Role Played by Language Labs in Confidence Building and Personality Development

To learn a new language is always a great idea. There are a plethora of benefits in learning and understanding a language outside of our cultural realm. First and foremost, a new language helps you fa

Coding for Children: Trend or a Train of Opportunities?

Every automated stuff we depend upon, some way or the other, is accomplished by coding. But the same wasn't the case, say, for example, 10-15 years back. It was then still a budding form of lear

List of Best Summer Camp for Kids in Gurgaon

List of Best Summer Camp for kids in Gurgaon Luckily for you, There are the list of summer camp that provides a wide range of activities that will keep your kids busy this vacation. Catego

How to become a Montessori Teacher in India

My first School. These three simple words evoke lots of emotion and distant memories. While most of us possibly can't vividly remember those days, the memory of an everlasting sense of belongi

Confidence Building 7 Tips for Teenagers

With puberty hitting and hormonal changes taking place inside the body, no doubt teenagers have a difficult time coming up with almost everything. Add to this, the pressure to excel, peer pressu